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A Decade of Healing at Gallagher Family Chiropractic

2 Chiropractors + 2 Locations = Twice the Convenience

Family isn’t just a word in our name; family is what we’re all about. Gallagher Family Chiropractic is staffed entirely by family members, and our family is committed to helping your family, from a few minutes old to over a century young!

Our chiropractors will show you how chiropractic care, along with healthy nutrition, hydration, exercise and sufficient rest are the keys to long-term health.

Visit us at one our two convenient locations in Allentown, PA and Landing, NJ to help you and your family get healthy.

Discovering True Family Wellness

Roxbury Chiropractor Dr. Denis Gallagher, explains, “Providing gentle chiropractic care in a warm, cozy environment is what we love to do. Having experienced the miracle of chiropractic care myself, I am especially inspired to help patients who have ‘tried everything’ and lost hope.”

Together Drs. Denis and Nancy are quite the team. “A background in ballet, sports and massage therapy gives me a unique perspective on the body. I‘m able to relate each problem to the body in a way that helps you heal as quickly as possible,” says Allentown Chiropractor Dr. Nancy Gallagher.

Services for the Healthiest You

Chiropractic Care. Heal, function and live your best life!

Custom Orthotics. Stand strong and tall for optimal

We invite you to experience true health alongside
your family. Give us a call today and take the
first steps towards a better life.

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